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The remaining logs of wood, after the construction of St.Mary's Church, gave the way to have a school building for the purpose of spreading the God's words to the children. Soon the plan creaped to start primary schooling, then later middle schooling. It grew to High School and now it is playing the role as a Higher Secondary School.


From 1943 June
(St.Mary's Preparatory Courses started)
C. L. Joseph
(Teacher-in-Charge for Preparatory Courses)
Took leave after 2 months of service
  Rev. Fr. Antony Alappatt
Assistant Vicar of St.Mary's Church
Done service only for 3 months
From 18th October 1943
(started 5th & 6th classes)
Sri. K. P. Vareed
He served as Teacher-in-charge for 18months and then contined as HeadMaster for next 11 months.
From 1946 June
(became Complete Middle School)
Sri. A. K. Joseph (Ouseph)
Served for 18 years as HeadMaster and gave the foundation for its growth.
1st April 1975 to
31st March 1979
Sri. P. Parameswara Menon
1979 to 1983
Smt. C. V. Lilly
1983 to 1984
Sri. K. O. Porinjhu
4th June 1984 to
1st October 1984
(became Upper Primary School)
Sri. T. D. Paul
Sri. P. K. Bharathan
(Principal, HSS)
!984 to1987
(began 9th and 10th classes)
Sri. P. J. Francis
Started his service as Upper Primary School HeadMaster and then as High School HeadMaster
1987 to 1989
Sri. U. J. Jose
KPSHA Award for the best HeadMaster.
1989 to 1992
Sri. M. A. Varkey
From 1992
Sri. K. J. Urumees
  Sri. K. C. Kunjhippalu
1997 to 1998
Smt. C. D. Rosy
1998 to 2000
Sri. P. C. Varghese
(KPSHA Award for the best HeadMaster & State Award for best Teacher)
2000 to 2005
(Higher Secondary School started)
Sri. C. K. Paul
(Principal, HSS)
2005 to 2006
2006 to 2012
Sri. E. Biju Antony (Principal, HSS)
Smt. T. A. Santha (Headmistress, HS)
Sri. P. K. Bharathan
(Principal, HSS)
Since 2013
Smt. Recty E D (Principal, HSS)
Smt. Sherley George T.G (Headmistress, HS)

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