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Two proposals on the introduction of computer training in government schools, one with the involvement of the private sector and the other as a total government program, have been launched by the Government. The State Education Department has accepted the proposal and the same is being implemented under the title ‘IT @ School.’


IT @ SCHOOL envisages introducing Information Technology in our education system not as a curricular subject, as most of the people think. Rather the project aims at integrating the information technology in the present day teaching / learning methods so that core subjects like Physics, Chemistry or languages like English, Malayalam could be taught by the teachers effectively and learnt by the students with more clarity.

Computer enabled education is imparted in two ways:

1. Including subject-related computer exercises in the curriculum and providing opportunity for the students to practice such exercises in the school computer labs.

2. Making available multimedia presentations of “Hard Spots” of subjects and languages on CDs through the project and encouraging teachers to use such presentations for teaching.

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Updated on: 27 Sep 2010



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